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Editor of the Reformer,

"Dave," often known as the voice of The Experiment in International Living — now World Learning — passed away on March 11, 2019. He was "the voice" not only because of his beautiful bass tone which needed no microphone, but also because David spoke to thousands of donors during his long tenure as Director of Development. Having arrived at The Experiment in October 1958, he knew people from the east and west coast, and from the North and South. As corporate secretary under many presidents, starting with the founder, Dr. Watt himself, and for many years under Gordon Boyce, David organized and was the central person at the Board of Trustees meetings in Brattleboro.

No one could resist Dave's charm and eloquence when it came to making a pitch for the organization. A dedicated and loyal employee for 40 years, David was committed to the values of the organization and the purposes for which it stood — a vision of world peace and a mission to help build it through its activities in intercultural education, service, and development. He advocated for what the organization stood for. He would sometimes ask staff members if they were interested in offering a weekend homestay to a trustee, so they would also "live" this important aspect of all programs. I remember hosting a couple of them during that time. David kept in touch with many "Experimenters" over the years who later became trustees.

Recognizing his contributions to the organization, he was awarded the World Learning Citation in 1997. He continued his involvement as a volunteer and kept in touch with many people. He was really the organizational memory; any time you needed to know something about the past, David was the person to go to.

David Corey always thought it was important to forge links with the local community. He involved himself in many activities and participated in many community efforts, whether it was the Chamber of Commerce, the Reformer Christmas Stocking, Rescue, the library or many other entities. In his role as Vice President for Development he did not mind sitting with students and other employees — like myself — and make telephone calls during the fund raising campaigns. I sat with him many times, and learned a lot from him. During these sessions, while the majority of students and staff members making the calls were getting donations of $100 or $200, David would come up reporting gifts of $5,000 or even $10,000 — such was his ability as a fundraiser.

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He will be remembered in many different ways. I remember him as a great man, an exemplary professional, an example of integrity and loyalty, an opera aficionado, a loyal friend and employee, a proud father and grandfather, a caring and loving husband and a true gentleman.

Beatriz C. Fantini

Dummerston, March 19

Fantini retired from World Learning and SIT after 50 years where she worked in many capacities.