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To the editor: On June 13, Frank Mazur of South Burlington authored a letter ("Biden infrastructure plan would eliminate 'American Dream' neighborhoods") criticizing the Biden infrastructure plan. In this letter, Mr. Mazur criticized President Biden's goal of integrating affordable housing into American neighborhoods. Mr. Mazur highlighted how this approach aims to "combat racial injustice," and assist "low-income families," as part of the "Democrat Social Agenda."

One tenet of Biden's housing plan is offering grants to incentivize the elimination of certain zoning laws. Zoning laws have benefits and drawbacks and have wide-ranging effects on environment, commerce, crime and community. There are intelligent criticisms of mixed zoning. Mr. Mazur's was not one.

Terms like "low-income families" are dog whistles to racial segregation, a relic from the Jim Crow Era. Republicans invoke "the American Dream" to stoke fear of integrating minority individuals and families into white communities. This was a tactic used by President Trump, and it has been used for decades.

The fear of racial integration is, of course, unfounded. When individuals and families of different ethnicities live in the same community, they build connections with each other, which reduces prejudice and crime. I am more comfortable with modern segregationists being up front about their views, rather than hiding behind dog whistles.

This is what makes pieces like Mr. Mazur's so dangerous.

Miles Anton

Dover, June 16