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Editor of the Reformer,

As a District Vice President for the AFL-CIO, as the former Union Rep. for AOT and Vermont Department of Health workers in the Brattleboro area, and as a former Brattleboro resident myself, I am pleased to offer my personal endorsement of Emilie Kornheiser for State Representative. I have known Emilie for 20 years and always recognized her as being on our side. Emilie stands with us working people on the issues we care about. She supports a $15 an hour livable wage, paid family medical leave, and universal healthcare as a human right. She is also a strong advocate for organized labor. All told, I cannot think of a better person in the community to represent the people of Brattleboro. Emilie shares our values and will be a strong advocate for working families. A vote for Emilie is a vote for a better more democratic and more equitable future for Vermont.

David Van Deusen

Cabot, July 19