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Editor of the Reformer,

When I saw the title of the recent Reformer commentary by Don Keelan, "How I can help climate council" it gave me hope. Perhaps a wise fiscal conservative has some practical ideas to save the climate.

But it was just a cheap trick. He "volunteered" (tongue in cheek) to store Vermont's old oil tanks on his property, just to make it seem like it's a huge problem, to make it seem we'll have an environmental disaster on our hands if we stop burning oil. But a 10-second web search shows that recyclers will pay about 5 cents a pound for 400 pounds of tank and filler pipes. Nearly every single oil tank in Vermont either gets recycled or is turned into some eccentric Vermonter's pet project (smoker, maple sap boiler, DIY tanning booth or whatever).

No, Mr. Keelan, there's no need for a giant mountain of rusting tanks in the beautiful village of Arlington. It won't be easy but we can stop burning oil. We actually have no real choice. The only choice is whether we do it when it's too late, or we do it in time. Let's do it in time. There's more at stake than a library fine.

Bill Christian

North Bennington, Oct. 26


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