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Editor of the Reformer,

The recent letter from the energy committee calls for commitment on climate ("Energy Committee calls for strong local commitment," Nov. 8,) but focuses on excuses. The letter from the committee suggests modest emission reductions contradicting the scientific consensus for extreme measures (90 percent by 2030). The letter aims at 2050, when everyone will be dead.

One might expect a plan from the committee, but it only offers a request for the Select Board to make a plan and is primarily an excuse to not have a plan because it would be too expensive, or because they can't get data they need, or because the town (government) can't do anything that affects businesses or anyone else. Only a page and a half of scant bullet-points, it stresses money five times.

Lacking any substance, the committee also says we should approve a plan to boost Brattleboro's reputation! Like we shouldn't care, as long as we get some attention! I'm not kidding. See for yourself With this committee, Brattleboro will have a reputation for leading backwards.

Quotes from the request for a plan:

● Favorable positioning for any state or federal funding that is offered.

● The goals that we propose to adopt are based on 1990 and 2005 data, which we do not have.

● The town cannot control the emissions of the commercial, residential and institutional sectors.

● There are many ways in which the town can influence these sectors: Seek funding.

● We need support from state and federal governments, in order to achieve our goals.

● It may appear too costly or resource-intensive to enact ... there are many solutions that involve little or no cost that need to be identified.

The resources we do have?

● Local climate activists and skilled entrepreneurs, who may be called on as a resource.

It is an insult to activists and to climate skeptics alike. The letter means money first before climate, people. Call the Select Board, protest this denialist proposal-letter from the Energy Committee at the Select Board meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

Kurt Daims

Brattleboro, Nov. 13


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