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To the editor: This letter is in response to the article "Governor: Brattleboro lacks authority for broad mask mandate" in Wednesday's Reformer.

To: Governor Phil Scott

I wonder what you are thinking, Governor Scott, or are you? Look what is happening across our entire country.

Take a lesson from Governor Inslee and realize we don't want to end up like Washington state or any of these other states raging with the virus. What is wrong with mandating masks? Are you developing the same mindset as Florida Republican Governor DeSantis, really?

Now you're going to tell the town of Brattleboro we are out of line because of a mask mandate?

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My husband has owned a business in Brattleboro for over 35 years. If masks aren't mandated, customers can waltz into his shop and spread the virus.

You're out-of-line to reprimand any town in this state implementing a mask mandate. It’s sensible!

It’s not that hard to put on a mask and a lot easier than having to swallow a breathing tube.

Stand-up for safety first.

Colleen Scott

Brattleboro, Aug. 24