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To the editor: I was pretty maddened to read the transcript of an interview with Liam Madden of Bellows Falls after his win in the Republican Primary. The interview was with Vermont Public Radio.

I’m of the opinion that anyone who starts his political career with chicanery and manipulation is not worthy of the office he seeks. It appears that Liam entered the Republican primary to be a spoiler. He started his bid for U.S. Congress as an Independent. He may have gotten 35 percent of the vote, but his two opponents, Ericka Redic and Anya Tynio, who had very similar beliefs and values in line with the Republican Party, received 50 percent of the Republican primary votes.

Liam had hoped to step out of the Republican slate and run as an Independent, leaving a hole in the Republican slate on this very important U.S. Congressional seat. He, however, discovered that the law states he has 10 days to withdraw, and the Republican Party can nominate a replacement. He says he does not want to run in a three-way race. However, Liam also never acquired and filled out the paperwork to shift over as an Independent, which begs the question of whether or not he ever intended to do so. So having no recourse, he has decided to retain the Republican nomination.

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Liam may be too young to remember our U.S. Senator Jim Jeffords. He was a RINO in the true sense of the word before the term “RINO” was ever coined. He voted with the Democrats on everything at a time when it was not so dangerous to do so. Vermonters sent him to Washington over and over again. Then came the ultimate betrayal. The Democrats were one person short of having control of the Senate, and Jim Jeffords showed his true allegiance and changed parties so that the Democrats could have control of the Senate. This was not taken lightly by Vermonters, and it ended Jim Jeffords’ political career.

We are in a day where honesty and integrity are the most important values we want to see in our elected officials, especially in those representing the Republican Party. We want someone to represent us and fight for us. Liam has some great ideas, but I think Liam Madden has already missed the mark and failed to gain my trust.

Ericka Redic has decided to run as a Libertarian. The Libertarian Party had already endorsed her. Now, let’s see if Liam Madden is a person of his word and will not run in a three-way race.

Wendy Bucchieri

Arlington, Aug. 14