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Editor of the Reformer:

We have been listening to the non-stop demonization of Russia by the mainstream media and many U.S. politicians, since the election. We all know where this kind of demonization leads. It leads to war. Think about that: War between the United States and Russia. How quickly would that evolve into another full-blown world war? And think about this: The excuse is going to be internet trolls. The excuse for the sacrifice of the planet's young people as cannon fodder, traumatized one way or another — either on a battlefield or sitting at video screens, blowing unknown and barely visible people away, ordinary people with ordinary lives like any of us — will be internet trolls.

How else can anyone make sense of the obscene new amount of money that is being shoveled at the Pentagon, an agency that can barely account for a dime of its spending — in wholly bipartisan spirit — except that it must be for the purpose of funding this coming all-out war?

Internet trolls will not be the real reason for the coming war for which we have been hearing this incessant drumbeat, however. I think the real reason is because we are truly bankrupt. Our government desires, at all costs, to maintain economic control over the planet, to keep the whole planet hostage to our petro-dollar. Or some equivalent new currency.

So, when the war is actually declared — which Congress will never do its Constitutional duty and debate, since it no longer knows its Constitutional duty — be sure to ask everyone in a position of power if we are really going to embroil the planet in a war over ... internet trolls. Please, make them squirm. Make them as uncomfortable as possible. Make them say that that is what they are going to do. Make them completely own the coming war over internet trolls. By the largest exporter of weapons to the world. By the absolute kings of regime change. By the country that has troops in 90 percent of the world's countries. By the country that has made CIA assassination the cornerstone of its foreign policy. By the country of full-spectrum dominance. By the country that has fabricated endless, global war. And, very soon, I think, we will be the country that initiates a full-blown world war over internet trolls.

Jacqueline Brook,

Putney, Feb. 21