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To the editor: Merideth White's letter opposing mask mandates ("Speak out against the mask mandate," Dec. 3) is amazingly out of touch with the reality of those of us who are putting ourselves out on the front lines to serve the public. Masks have been shown over and over again to be effective in lowering the amount of virus that passes from person to person. This is only in question in the disinformation community.

At Everyone's Books, we have managed to be open and thrive throughout the entire pandemic by adhering to the strict masking policy we believe keeps our staff and the public safe. So far, none of us has gotten a cold, much less COVID, since we began wearing masks and requiring the public to do so. We have had a very few people who have pushed back, and we have politely asked them to leave. This is a dangerous time, and sacrificing the view of others' mouths and noses for the benefit of public health is one we and millions of Americans are willing to make.

An anti-vaxxer was in our store recently asking me why we did not carry one of the books loaded with disinformation about the vaccines. I told her we don't stock the book because it is full of lies and we oppose the basic premise of the book. She then asked "so you only carry books you believe in?" and when I said "yes, that is true," she then told me we were opposed to free speech.

We also don't carry MEIN KAMPF or the TURNER DIARIES.

Nancy Braus

Putney, Dec. 3