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Editor of the Reformer,

As an admirer of Colin Kaepernick, I applaud Curtiss Reed Jr.'s petition asking Ben & Jerry to name an ice cream flavor after him ("Petition seeks flavor honoring people of color," July 23). Colin Kaepernick is a vegan, so the flavor should definitely be non-dairy. I was surprised, however, that Mr. Reed is apparently unaware that Ben & Jerry produce a line of non-dairy ice creams. They are made with almond milk and have been on the market since 2016. Nine flavors are currently available. If the wording of the petition is changed to specify non-dairy ice cream, I think support for it will increase, because vegans, who are generally concerned with justice for all living beings, will promote it. (I have not signed it myself because of the current wording.)

For anyone who doesn't understand why vegans choose a plant-based diet, please have a look at the Free From Harm website and the Twitter feed of Mercy for Animals:

Elizabeth Hoffman

Putney, July 27