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To the Editor: This is an open letter to Gov. Chris Sununu.

Dear Governor Sununu,

I support a woman's right to choose. I can't believe that a "pro-choice governor" (your own words) would support an abortion ban that allows no exception for rape, incest or the health of the mother!

Your legislature has included provisions in the budget that would not pass if they were subject to fiscal scrutiny (SB 130, the school voucher bill) or an independent vote (the "divisive concepts" bill, even as revised in the Senate).

It is fiscally irresponsible, and also dishonest, to sneak these through hoping that you will not dare to veto the budget. New Hampshire taxpayers deserve better. New Hampshire citizens who prize free speech deserve better. New Hampshire teachers, who work so hard for our students - I was one for over 20 years - also deserve better.

We deserve a governor who has the courage to insist that a budget bill be about the budget, not unrelated issues that do need to be debated, but outside of the budget. Please veto this budget and send it back to the Legislature. Give us a chance to have an honest debate about abortion, free speech and school vouchers.


David Blair

Harrisville, N.H., June 10