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To the editor: The school voucher bill, SB 130, is likely to be added soon to the New Hampshire State Budget by the Senate Finance Committee, in spite of the fact that not one person testified in favor of this move at that committee’s budget hearing last week, and many testified against it.

Why? Because the bill probably cannot pass if it stands alone. School districts would lose $31M over the first five years under SB 130, according to a district-by district analysis by Reaching Higher N.H. Our school districts are already strapped for funds. The cost of SB 130 will fall on the taxpayer.

If the bill is considered separately – as any bill with such potential impact on our taxes should be – it is not likely to pass. So its proponents are trying to sneak it into the budget where it will be harder to defeat. This is dishonest and undemocratic.

Thirteen Republican state senators are supporting this move. Please let them hear from you.


David Blair

Harrisville, N.H.