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To the editor: Today's mail brought yet more mailers for Becca Balint from Victory Fund and Equality PAC to add to the stack on my kitchen table. As a 40-year veteran of queer activism, I worked for and helped build these LGBT organizations to fight homophobia and homophobic politicians. Back then I never envisioned a day when $1 million from these funds would be used in a Democratic Primary U.S. House race between two women in our small state.

Both Molly Gray and Becca Balint pledged to renounce huge outside money interference. No doubt they both remember the devastating disadvantage another Democratic woman (Sue Minter) faced when the Republican Governors Association showed up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in TV ads after the primary, while she scrambled to raise money to defend herself. Phil Scott got to sit by, while the RGA interfered and assisted.

As a lifelong LGBTQ political activist, never did I think a gay candidate's campaign would attack the opposing Democratic woman as homophobic, for pointing out a simple fact about campaign finance with which most Vermonters agree.

The attacks against Lt. Gov. Molly Gray, a strong straight ally who has worked for human rights around the world, are grotesque and wrong and do not align with the LGBTQ movement for liberation.

Lisa Talmadge

Norwich, Aug. 2