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To the editor: Libertarian U.S. House candidate Ericka Redic’s accusation in her Sept. 28 commentary ("The legalization of sex work") makes no sense: “The prevalence of suicides and (overdoses) shows us that the ideas being pushed by Becca Balint, Sarah George and Burlington City Council are not working.”

How can the prevalence of suicides and ODs be blamed on ideas which may be ”being pushed,” but which are not being implemented (except recently in two of Vermont's 250-plus towns). Any suicides and ODs happening now are a product of the status quo, NOT of any changed ideas or regimens. If Ms. Redic has any evidence that suicides and ODs in Montpelier and Burlington have increased since sex work was decriminalized, she should present it. If not, she needs a better basis for her argument.

John Greenberg

Marlboro, Oct. 13