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To the editor: Our Supreme Court recently upheld a radical abortion ban in Texas and many other states have already established dangerous trigger bans that are just waiting to become effective. Roe v. Wade and reproductive freedom in this country has clearly been under attack for a long while. We need to protect the right to choose right now so generations to come can have bodily autonomy.

One might ask: Abortion isn't under threat in Vermont so why do we need to take any action?

Vermont is not immune to the same corrupt politics that have already successfully established dangerous abortion bans across the country. We want to protect the right to choose in Vermont, not only for our future generations, but also for those who need to travel from other states seeking safe and affordable reproductive health care.

How can I help?

Everyone can help by pledging to vote yes on Prop 5, or the Vermont Reproductive Liberty Amendment ( This amendment aims to ensure reproductive freedom for everyone in our state by amending the state constitution. Your support in the form of a pledge will help ensure that our state reps will pass it in the House when they return in January. In turn, the amendment will end up on the 2022 general ballot for Vermont voters to decide on.

Help Vermont make history with this amendment, and in turn set a strong example for the entire nation. Also, remember that forced birth is oppression.

Tracy Donahue

Brattleboro, Nov. 12