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Editor of the Reformer,

I’ve been hesitant to reply to Roy Morrison’s Oct. 21 letter to the Reformer editor ("Trump and the QAnon death cult") — I’m sure it’s a honeypot and I’m going to be caught with bee sugar on my chin. But here we go. I’m not sure any of Mr. Morrison’s diatribe is even coherent — it’s the most poorly written letter I’ve ever seen the paper publish — but I’ll respond to what is most understandable.

First things first, though, the Reformer should be shamefully embarrassed by any letter that contains language like “add a full measure of disgust for pedophilia.” Human, and especially child trafficking, is the second most lucrative black market business in the world. Let that sink in, especially if you’re a parent: Do you think your child is automatically safe from this trade? 800,000 children go missing in the U.S. alone every year. Is that not worthy of disgust, not to mention outrage and outright fear? But it only happens to other people’s children, right? When Mr. Morrison writes “You are a warrior to protect and free the children” this is actually the case and is anyone going to say that this is not OK?

What is QAnon? It’s a message board. “Q” provides information and then “Anons” are encouraged to investigate, research, and decide for themselves. It almost sounds like academic inquiry, which it is, with some pretty humorous memes tossed into the mix.

Unlike Antifa and BLM, QAnon has no overt political agenda. It’s an information sharing group. I’d love to see any person supply a photo of QAnon researchers participating in violent destruction of storefronts and attacks upon federal properties. Guess what? You won’t find them.

It is true that Anons are concerned about a globalist enterprise. But I fail to see how that is in any way a “death cult”. If this accusation is in regard to healthy, logical and scientific assessment of COVID-19, then it’s ridiculous: Don’t we all have the right to check any narrative, true or false?

QAnon has no creed, no membership rites, no membership dues, no collective contribution to political parties and no overarching platform. It’s very similar to your online discussion forums about bowling, cats, knitting and maple syrup quality. It’s just an investigative group. Nothing more.

Anons do sometimes display one particular hallmark, identifying abbreviation as a point of honor, though: “WWG1WGA”. Or, spelled out: “Where We Go One, We Go All”. In a time in which our worldly troubles are mounting, is there any better encouragement?

QAnon is a peaceful companionship that assesses and regards the mechanics of modern human culture. Why would anyone fear it? The best part is you can find out for yourself, instead of accepting the opinion of someone who uses pompous flourishes but offers no facts. Business as usual.

John Shannon

Brattleboro, Oct. 28

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