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To the editor: Only about 12 people have died of COVID-19 in Vermont.

Does that number justify Governor Scott’s seizure of near dictatorial power over our state???

For months now — at least since last August — the CDC has informed whomever was paying attention that only 6 percent of deaths labeled as being due to COVID-19 involved no other comorbidities. Back in August, the average number of comorbidities associated with the remaining 94 percent was 2.6. In the March 17 update of this year, “there were 3.8 additional conditions or causes per death.”

The sicker and sicker and sicker are dying OF COVID-19.

I’ve had a gripe about our health care conversation for years. The question that should’ve been asked first and foremost was: “Why are so many people sick?” If our national health care conversation had begun with that question, the answer would not have been a convoluted insurance scheme. The follow-on questions and answers would’ve been entirely different.

The only person with a national voice that I ever heard ask that question was Marianne Williamson on a presidential debate stage, during the 2020 election.

Some Germans have done a brilliant video that’s on Twitter. They erected a pole, 8.3 meters tall. Every millimeter represents 10,000 inhabitants of Germany. A stripe at the bottom, 77mm wide represents the 770,000 babies born in the past year. A stripe at the top, 96mm wide, represents the 960,000 deaths which occurred in 2020. Forty thousand of those, almost all of whom were over the age of 80, are related to COVID-19 — which is represented by a tiny stripe 4mm wide. The subtitle then reads: “Nor do we know whether these 40,000 people died of, with, or even without COVID-19.”

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I maintain that this pandemic has been managed very deliberately for maximum fear and maximum stress, and thus, maximum illness. Also, it has been managed for maximum pollution and medical waste, much of which is already ending up in the oceans and littering beaches around the world.

There has been little to no real acknowledgement of what the largely locked-down have been going through: isolation, abuse, addiction problems, mental health problems, bankruptcy, the threat of homelessness ...

And I am betting that, in this country, the biggest lobbyists in Washington, the lobbyists that throw the most amount of money at our politicians, will milk this in collusion with them, for at least the next 20 years. Very possibly longer. Perhaps we’ll even watch them together return to peddling piles of opioids to us all, to alleviate the collateral damage mentioned above. They’ll come up with a different name though. They’ll be called something else besides opioids. There’ll be a brilliant new marketing scheme. But, my old advertising self can see it perfectly: Same s—t, different day. Just rename it and trot it out again. Something like “Bliss.” And the Forever War in Afghanistan, the source of so much opium, will go on for yet another 20 years. Very possibly longer ...

If we don’t throw out these COVID dictators, will it be worth living on this planet anymore?

Jacqueline Brook

Putney, March 22