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Editor of the Reformer,

The Los Angeles Times editorial (Feb. 17 in the Reformer) would like to disenfranchise more than half our nation by ending the electoral college, validating only "mob rule" elections dominated by metropolitan area voters and perhaps a portion of their rural allies. Vermont's legislature endorsed the "National Popular Vote Interstate Compact" which would effectively disenfranchise a sizable portion of Vermont voters, as actually happened prior to that in the 2016 election when our three electors all voted for one popular candidate, even though the Vermont voters were divided 2 to 1. So one third of our voters were ignored entirely.

When Ben Franklin described our new government as "A Republic — if you can keep it" he spoke in support of the Constitution with its electoral college, rejecting the possibility of "mob rule" purely popular vote elections. Let's keep it that way.

Dave Garrecht

Guilford, Feb. 17