A time and place for yoga

Kristin Cassidy, the owner of Bodhifit Hot Yoga, runs a yoga class at the Retreat Farm, in Brattleboro.

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To the editor: I was sad to learn the other night that the Retreat Farm is doing its best to push evening yoga out of their programs. Upon arriving with my mat in hand, a staff member informed me that yoga would no longer be held on the beautiful flat lawn in the upper courtyard between the barns, but would rather be on the sloping front lawn, right by Route 30 and next to a food truck.

Apparently, the staff decided that the 12 or so yogis with their bare feet and mats doing dancer poses and downward dogs once a week was more than the flat lawn could take, which is curious, because the upper lawn hosts large venues of people and has served our yoga class well since the instructor lost her studio space due to COVID-19.

I have never seen any damage caused by the yogis or disrespect toward the farm in any way and wondered why the farm sent a letter to the instructor saying that the class was not “respectful” and therefore was no longer welcome. It seems like the proper recipients of such a letter should have been the geese, who make regular and copious deposits on the lawn.

BRATTLEBORO — Bakasana. It's one of Kristin Cassidy's favorite yoga poses — her hands planted on the floor, with her shins resting upon her upper arms and her feet lifted up in order …

Nevertheless, good optics for the Retreat Farm (the Reformer has published great photo stories of the class), and a regular monthly rent check for the use of the space is coming to an end. The instructor is looking for a new outdoor venue who would welcome yogis to their leaves of grass.

Doug Friant

South Londonderry, July 22