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To the editor: Perhaps as a man I am not entitled to an opinion on this subject. As an American I feel compelled to say something.

As a son of "The Greatest Generation" I grew up believing and loving my country. I was most proud believing America truly was the land of “liberty and justice for all” because of the Constitution.

Then I went to college during Vietnam and learned it wasn't. Being a healthy white Christian male from the upper middle class I wasn't subject to racism, sexism, class-ism or religious prejudice and all the negativity they entail. Those four years I was educated understanding I was privileged. I also learned life is happenstance; as my mind was opened, I saw how racism, sexism, and class-ism separated us and how religion played into these issues using these isms to gain wealth and power. How do people in silk vestments with gold crosses around their necks and hands out represent a man in simple cloth and sandals who preached love everyone?

In law school I learned and believed the words and promise over the door of the Supreme Court: EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW. Fifty years later, watching what has happened to the country I loved, I see America going backwards in time as to racism, sexism, class-ism and religious prejudice.

What is religion? A set of personal or institutional systems of religious attitudes, beliefs and practices.

Some religions believe life begins at conception or at a heartbeat and others don't. These personal or institutional beliefs or religion are dealt with in the Constitution in Amendment I: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...";

Any law that promotes a religious belief is an "establishment of religion" and unconstitutional.

Your personal belief is life begins at conception as a fetus. My personal belief is life begins when a baby breaths air as a human being.

If I am forced to adopt your religious attitudes, beliefs and practices, where is my religious freedom?

If Roe v. Wade is overturned I will have to live by your religion. Where is my free exercise of religion?

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Justice Alito would establish a religious standard and enforce one religion on all, "prohibiting the free exercise thereof ..."

Have we all forgotten why the Pilgrims came here? They came to escape having to live under others' religious attitudes, beliefs and practices, which had been made into law.

The subject is abortion. Justice Alito says it is a “moral issue.” Perhaps he is right. Roe v. Wade is a legal issue raising seriously Constitutional questions whether there is EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW. Has Judge Alito forgotten his oath of office to uphold the Constitution? He is not arbitrator of morals, that is the province of the individual.

Moreover, as a man, like me, perhaps he lacks the knowledge and understanding as well as legal standing to address this moral question. Only a woman really has a dog in this fight. Should the male justices recuse themselves?

As men we will never be forced back into a world before Roe v. Wade, where not being able to get a safe and legal abortion can change or end our life.

Of course the rich will not be affected, they will just fly to a civilized country.

Does “Let's Make America Great Again” mean taking the USA back to the 19th century? That was Saint Ron's slogan that #45 stole like everything else.

Dean Lynch

Westminster West, May 7