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Editor of the Reformer,

I write as a citizen of Guilford, not as chair of the Democratic Committee. This November's election is vital to the health of our democracy. I know we all must vote, but the constant wash of tasteless news and polarized politics is wearing me down. We have to fight against apathy and discouragement. So I am focusing on the grass roots.

Sara Coffey, running to be legislator for Vernon/Guilford, is bright, thoughtful, and speaks her mind clearly. She is hopeful, and she gives me hope. She doesn't lie, saying she has all the answers. She takes problems seriously, digs into the details. She gets things done. Her focused efforts in developing the Vermont Performance Lab have brought new energy, revitalizing the arts community. Then she saw the need to help our aging Guilford Broad Brook Grange Hall and pitched in as one of the planning committee negotiating regulations and raising money to recreate it as a vibrant community center. I'm convinced that up in Montpelier she will do the same, take on the difficult issues like reorganizing the economy, education, and health care, and that all of us in Vernon and Guilford will be proud of her accomplishments.

So, please, neighbors, come out to meet her and listen and then get out and vote. Do our votes count? They won't bring major reform to Washington, but they will count and make life better here at the grass roots.

Andy Burrows

Guilford, Aug. 31