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To the editor: By the time our mammalian cranial consciousness emerged from the evolutionary growth and operations of the human brain, long-held fear, ignorance, and superstitions disengaged humans from much of reality, at a time they needed it the most. Unable to use their developing consciousness to outgrow their ignorance and superstitions, by the time they were forming large collective culture-states, humans employed their conscious belief-in-beliefs to establish and govern themselves - largely in absence of knowledge and wisdom.

At the time, whatever faculty of objectively reasoning and understanding they may have possessed, humans were overwhelmed by the subjective belief spiritualities and systems that can never be based on evidentiary knowledge and facts. Essentially, believers became divisive, hydra-headed, insular, aggressive mutants who are continually fighting with themselves, to this very day.

While violence predates civilization, homo sapiens' "mental evolution" was and is stunted by a self-imposed, contrived, belief-dependent "death culture" that, ironically enough, is fighting each other to the death, in good part, because they cannot accept their human mortality. The widespread extremist desire to live forever, beyond our "death of consciousness," is a mental illness disorder that keeps humanity in a potential deadly state of inhumane brutality. Too many believers, who believe they have somewhere to go when they die, are indifferent to the concern for other lifeforms. Humans too often over consume and destroy anything that stands in the way of satisfying their own self-serving needs.

The least desirable future is where the present looks like the past. Human history is overshadowed by the dogs of war chasing their tail. The hounds of "power, sword, and greed" stay on our heels. The whole world is an armed camp and there is no bugle call to retreat. Throughout recorded history, it has always been so. Everything we base our life on only proves to be mortal. Yet, without believers taking power and dominating the course of human events, our consciousness would have more likely evolved to be a peaceful, rational, and communal species.

Who is responsible for the rampant consumer-carnage, large scale extinctions of plant and animal habitats, radical climatic changes, unending war, and deep-rooted socio-cultural-political strife?

To answer, you need only to ask the question, "Who has been and is now in charge?"

Vidda Crochetta

Brattleboro, Nov. 10