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To the editor: Health Care & Rehabilitation Services of Vermont (HCRS), a designated mental health agency, fired employees that don’t have the COVID vaccination, and they don’t allow any religious or medical exemptions, even though hospitals allow exemptions for staff that works with very ill patients.

At the beginning of November 2021, HCRS decided that the unvaccinated are a potential undue hardship, but apparently it was safe for all the unvaccinated to work until Nov. 30, for almost four weeks, while vaccinated still got COVID and took weeks of time off. As far as I know if it’s an OSHA safety issue the company should eliminate a real hazard immediately. They sent a “benefits” letter last minute, to tell us we have no benefits, so if you need medical care, good luck.

Remember the Milgram experiment? Look it up: it’s the obedience to authority figures even if it doesn’t make sense. Well, here people are coerced into vaccination to keep a job based on obedience to authority.

Are all the designated agencies in Vermont requiring vaccination against COVID for employees? NO.

But HCRS decided to make their own rules, as that can qualify them for a $2 million grant given to companies that have all employees vaccinated against COVID. So if HCRS asks for money in the community please don’t give them any more money!

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The real virus is fear; get united, people!

Shakty Rogers

Springfield, Dec. 29