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Editor of the Reformer,

Hello. My name is Pamala Smith and I am running as an Independent candidate for secretary of state. If I am elected, I will do my best.

I will work toward increasing voter confidence, leading to greater participation and more significant results. I will work to make the voting process not one in which all you can do is put your trust in it, but one that shows you why you can trust it. With me as secretary of state, when you vote, I would like to provide a format that allows you to actually confirm that your vote was cast and recorded just as you'd intended, for every voter.

I would also like the office to facilitate better working relationships between citizens and professional service providers. Informed decision making by the consumer and accountability by professional service providers, as well as the office of secretary of state, would be increased.

To this end, I hope to initiate two things: The first is establishing a place on our website where consumers can write publicly viewable reviews of professional service provision. The second initiative would be to anonymize and publicly post formal complaints made by consumers, even if the complaint is denied.

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Read more about me and my vision for the office of secretary of state at If I am elected, I look forward to serving the citizens of Vermont in this capacity.

Pamala Smith

St. Albans City, Aug. 24