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Editor of the Reformer:

The New England Coalition's recent criticisms of NorthStar's proposed decommissioning plan are full of holes.

NEC suggests the Vermont Yankee site lie fallow for 200 years. Apparently, the coalition cannot conceive of the safe removal of contaminated material. The point of NorthStar's concrete recycle/reuse plan is the safety of the community and of Vernon and Brattleboro motorists. Community safety includes the other towns where the removed concrete would be buried, and the places where fill material would be excavated. All this was explained at the last VTNDCAP meeting. Not recycling materials onsite will add about 4,000 trucks to local roads, according to NorthStar's estimates, and will make little difference in the cost and implementation timeline.

Regarding NEC's objections to NorthStar's financial stability, NEC adviser Arnie Gundersen admits he cannot not find fault with the company budget after reading confidential documents submitted to the PUC. Clearly there is nothing critical of NorthStar to be found in these documents. No public good would be served by exposing trade secrets to their competitors' scrutiny.

Howard Shaffer,

Enfield, N.H., Oct. 24