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Editor of the Reformer,

I have lived in Vermont since 1973. I have participated in the annual Vermont ritual of town meeting in two small rural towns in Windham County. I have always found our state government to be responsive and thoughtful and to always have the interests of its children uppermost. That is why I am stupefied at the actions of the Vermont Board of Education in regards to forcing school mergers via Act 46.

I have heard from a number of local school board members and have read numerous articles and letters to editors regarding Act 46, and what I have gleaned is that this State Board of Ed is not listening to the local boards, has not read the alternative plans, and has made their changes to school districts based on a flat map of a mountainous state. On paper and in theory, their goals make some kind of sense to them. But in practice, they are not only harming our children but are taking a stab at the heart of the spirit of caring and cooperation that is the very heart of Vermont.

Who are these people? It feels to me as though aliens have landed and have taken over the Board of Education. David Clark, chairman of the Windham Northeast Supervisory Union, thinks the Koch Brothers are behind this evil scheme to break the spirit of Vermont. I do not know if that is true, but it is the only explanation that makes sense of what this Board of Ed is doing.

Why more was not made of this during the recent gubernatorial election I do not understand. Our governor Mr. Nice Guy has sold out our children and our democracy.

I am proud to be resident of one of the towns that is suing the State in hopes of stopping the destructive and short-sighted agenda of this Board of Education.

Caitlin Adair

Westminster West, Dec. 1