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Editor of the Reformer:

If you had your way, wearing masks was forbidden inside the White House (your contempt was unhidden).

Super-spreader of COVID, you've shown up (unasked) in sites where your legions are mostly unmasked.

Ten times the number of times you have lied is the number of folks (with the virus) who've died.

Your deceit-filled deliveries delay(ed) vital research. Each time Fauci counters, his name you besmirch.

The Small Business people no longer are able to pay rent or mortgage, put food on the table.

Tens of thousands of children at our southern borders -- your minions are heartless enforcing their orders.

Gold Star and Purple Heart families you smeared revoked their support of you. It's disappeared.

You withdrew from The Paris Climate Accords that address Mother Earth and the Life she affords.

Misogynist bigot, you're teaching our youth it's okay to be lawbreakers, racist, uncouth.

As for women and conquests about which you brag, it's clear, quintessentially, you're a scumbag.

Your tax cut law gratifies only the rich (you neglect to inform us when giving your pitch).

On taxpayers' nickels you golf and you've dined. How can you think we don't notice? Or mind?!

Economy downturn, pandemic disruption, racial unjustness ... We now barely function.

I know being POTUS for you is a lark, but you're taking us places unholy and dark.

Whenever l picture Michelle and Barack, l can't help but wish you back under your rock.

Susan Leach

Rutland, Oct. 12


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