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To the editor: I have known Michelle Bos-Lun for many years, personally, professionally and as my state representative. I strongly support Michelle in her bid for reelection.

Through her actions over the years, Michelle has proven to be consistently able to listen to and empathize with the struggles of diverse populations and then distill what she has heard down to focused, pragmatic, and actionable responses. Michelle has a significant history as a valued member on the boards of National Alliance on Mental Illness and Health Care and Rehabilitation Services. Locally and internationally, she has worked and volunteered in educational, mental health and international development systems. In all these contexts she saw opportunity for positive change, forged relationships that made improvement possible and took effective action.

As a Vermont state representative, since her term began in 2020, Michelle has co-sponsored legislation, signed into law, relating to community schools, child care, human rights, justice reform as well as support for public school employee’s health benefits. Just to continue the list a bit more, she has introduced legislation addressing steps to develop anti-racist schools which support all students, reforming cash bail, and raising reimbursement for dental Medicaid rates.

I believe we all understand that, more than ever, the survival of democracy is no longer a given. It is my deep feeling that our political system will continue only if we improve it, only if meeting the humanitarian needs of all people is seen as attainable and acted upon by those representing us. Nationally, this possibility seems less available to us. Locally, however, there remains a chance for us to gain ground in this way, accountability to all people who live in our state, vision but action too, carefully considered but real change.

Michelle Bos-Lun is valuable to us in the Statehouse because of what she gets done but also because she is calm and steadfast toward a larger and more consequential end, the maintenance of truly representative democracy.

Asher Pucciarello

Westminster West, Aug. 2