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Editor of the Reformer:

One of the issues that has greatly concerned people in both Guilford and Vernon is Act 46 involving school mergers. Recently some erroneous information was circulated stating that Sara Coffey supported school mergers. This is contrary to what she stated in the two Candidate Forums I attended and in her recent newspaper article. Although there are pros and cons to merger, with thoughtful people on both sides of the issues, Sara was clear that she was against forced merger. I left both Forums with the understanding that both candidates were strongly committed to keeping our Vernon and Guilford schools open not only because of their educational excellence, but because they serve as the heart of each community.

I encourage you to vote on or before November 6 for Sara Coffey because I believe she has the skill, creativity, and experience to keep our Vernon and Guilford schools open.

Mike Szostak

Guilford, Nov. 1