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To the editor: I am a longtime Democrat. The $600,000 of special interest independent expenditure money that has come into Vermont from outside the state for the benefit of Molly Gray’s opponent has no place in our primary elections. I accept PACs will be a part of our general elections as long as Citizens United stands, but Vermonters want to determine which primary candidates in our Democratic party go on to run in the general election.

I am supporting Molly Gray because I believe she is the best candidate to represent Vermont in Washington. She has spent her life in public service. Molly is an attorney who graduated from Vermont Law School and has broad life experience that informs her world view including: living and working in Europe and Africa for the International Committee of the Red Cross; working for Peter Welch and Patrick Leahy; serving as an assistant attorney general in Vermont; and now as lieutenant governor.

Molly understands how to navigate the legal issues that are fundamental to our Democracy and will be able to be effective on day one as Vermont’s first Congresswoman. She has said she will work with anyone to get things done for Vermont. With Senator Leahy's retirement, this is exactly what we need.

Get out and vote for Molly Gray — it is no time to sit back and not engage in this very important election.

Arthur Berndt

Sharon, July 26