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To the editor: Roe v. Wade hangs in the balance, and it’s time for progressive states like Vermont to permanently safeguard a woman’s right to choose. This week the Vermont Legislature is voting on Prop 5, the Reproductive Liberty Amendment to the Vermont Constitution.

Prop 5 would guarantee all women in Vermont the right to become pregnant and carry a pregnancy to term; choose abortion; choose or refuse sterilization; and choose or refuse contraception.

A constitutional amendment must be passed by the House and Senate in two consecutive legislatures, followed by a public vote in the next general election. I am grateful for the overwhelming support Prop 5 received in the Vermont Legislature in 2019-2020. The decision to pass Prop 5 is up to Vermont voters, if we’re given that chance. I am asking the Senate to pass the Reproductive Liberty Amendment again so that Vermont voters can decide for themselves in 2022.

Hillary Twining

Brattleboro, April 5