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Editor of the Reformer:

Today I took down our Christmas tree, which is full of antique glass ornaments and irreplaceable decorations my son made when he was little. I have the same feeling about Trump still being in the White House as I had with my reckless cat Barney in the living room when taking down the tree.

Uneasy, tense, waiting for something "cat"-astrophic to happen.

When I tried to catch Barney after one ornament crashed to the floor, he zipped under the couch, out of reach, knowing that he was in Big Trouble. I could hear noises under the couch – maybe he was playing golf or preparing for a trip to Texas – and a few scratching sounds, like he was trying to shred something.

I didn’t want to go through all of the trouble of trying to catch him, because he is such a big, slippery, sly cat, but until I could get him out of the room, I was anxious, anticipating the worst - for him to jump into the tree and cause it to come crashing down, destroying what took years to achieve.

But the difficult task of containing him and making sure he was subdued and put alone in a small room where he couldn’t do any mischief was finally achieved.

I shut the door on him to concentrate on the important matter at hand – returning my living space to its calm state and I felt a great relief.

Lesley A. Dyson

West Wardsboro, Jan. 12


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