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To the editor: Frank Mazur’s letter ("The division continues ... getting wider," July 16) is a rambling diatribe covering over 20 topics in only 200 words. Nothing is supported with any fact or evidence. He uses recycled phrases from the Cold War about “protecting our way of life” designed to inspire fear. Mr. Mazur has a right to his opinions, of course. However, he writes as though he believes his readers have no access to facts and evidence.

I am going to spare you a response to all of his topics. However, the part about “re-education" needs a reply. Re-education camps have been used in various totalitarian countries. No American politician is advocating for re-education. I believe the current administration is advocating for “education” on matters that have been ignored and distorted for too long. The debate about the teaching of American history is a perfect example. Until the truth is told we will not be able to reconcile or heal the injustices baked into our national experience.

If telling the truth were so dangerous then the Bible would surely not prohibit lying. If I were to tell you all the details about my own family’s history we would quickly get into alcoholism, militarism, imperialism, racism and more. Telling this history would not diminish the love I have for my family in any way. However, without this information you would not know my family. I suppose you could call it "critical family theory."

This idea that we can somehow put ourselves “first” while longing for a past that never was, and do it all while denying the truth of millions of American’s lives, is a false notion. If you think education is a danger to the Republic, then try un-education. That is dangerous, as recent events have shown.

Andy Davis

Brattleboro, July 19