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To the editor: President Biden has surpassed expectations already.

He has appointed non-white, gay, transgendered males and females along with skilled, experienced, trained individuals to his cabinet and staff, and done so with calm dignity and courtesy. His copious English vocabulary and measured delivery are a welcome change.

President Biden is willing to tackle perhaps the largest and most overwhelming obstacle in his and our paths to improvement, coping with the monumental occurrence of a raging pandemic which has claimed over 400,000 American lives ... a pandemic ignored by President Trump, who shunned science and scientists, disseminated lies and failed to provide requested assistance for states in dire need.

President Biden respectfully approaches this public health morass with cautious hope and reassurance. At age 94 I am deeply grateful for his reasoned wisdom and his willingness to seek sensible solutions, while acknowledging the fact that there is no quick fix available.

Lynda Copeland

Halifax, Jan. 19

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