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To the editor: Republicans and Democrats, and freedom people of all stripes, can be glad and appreciate that Monsieur Trump is being called out by those charged with that.

Though, for now, it’s just the racist proud boys, etc. that are getting their righteous comeuppance: The leaves are being hacked away at.

Trump is the root.

Merrick Garland should do his duty.

And lance the festering, cancerous boil that is Trumpism.

And disabuse his duped followers.

Everyone should be glad that the Constitution is being employed to expel evil and corruption from the fabric of our nation.

But unfortunately many fools are too deep and too mesmerized by their guru Donald J. Trump.

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Those so-called Americans throw everything that America stands for under the bus for their support of a evil huckster.

Will they finally, at the end of the day, after insurmountable evidence beating them over the head, be disabused and see the light!?

Unfortunately some are impervious to truth.

They prefer Trump’s Orwellian “Truth Social.”

We can only hope that they are the fringe dimwits.

David Crawford

Brattleboro, June 20