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To the editor: The January 6 committee of the U.S. House is doing a great job revealing Trump's attempted coup. But keep in mind that Donald is an unrepentant twisted sociopathic narcissist. That means he loves the attention. As long as everyone is talking about him, he's happy. That may be hard for us normal people to understand.

It doesn't matter what they're saying, as long as he stays front and center. He's always been that way. Publicity is publicity, and for him, that's what brings in money.

Did you hear about the hundreds of millions of dollars that his base poured into his accounts, to "Stop the Steal?" What a great promotion that was! That money went to other accounts, to PACs, to Trump, to bills. But it didn't stop the steal.

These are really scary times. Trump will double down, make more money, attack, attack, attack, accuse the rest of us of lying — and our fate depends upon how many people, big and small, he can get to join him in his Great Revenge.

Peter Gould

Brattleboro, June 18