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Editor of the Reformer,

Across the nation and the state of Vermont, people are organizing in preparation for a possible coup or illegal nullification of the upcoming election. In response to a recent commentary of mine ("Citizens need to prepare now to counter a coup attempt," Oct. 9) published in the Reformer and calling for Vermonters to prepare for such a scenario, a Brattleboro resident responded to me with an email saying, in part:

"Thank you for warning us of the 'unthinkable.' I'm age 88 and in a wheel chair, so I won't be out blocking roads and bridges. But I pledge $20,000 to pay those who lose paychecks for refusing to do their jobs in protest. Only a drop in the bucket, but perhaps others will join in similarly, and those who more actively oppose a criminal violation of our Constitution will know they have support."

News of this pledge is starting to spread and Windham County residents have now pledged over $32,000 to cover the costs that may be incurred by anyone taking direct action to resist a coup. This is a clear message to the powers that be; resistance to an attempted coup will not merely be the work of a few people on the streets. By having people pledge an economic vote of confidence in those who would defend the republic, it shows support across a wide spectrum of us all. After all, we will not be taking action to advocate for our opinions. We will be taking action to defend the nation. It is important that the powers-that-be understand our power and our determination to ensure that fair election results are honored.

Dan DeWalt

S. Newfane, Oct. 27


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