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To the editor: So we have another example of the utter lawlessness of the Republican party. And who might be lying? Either Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, two powerful U.S. senators, by claiming that Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett all stated that they would not overturn settled law. Or the justices, who we are supposed to rely on for some sort of honest assessment of the cases presented to them, all lied under oath during their congressional approval hearings. This is not legal, moral, or acceptable behavior.

Will there be hearings about this complete lack of ethics? Even Republicans of the not so distant past might actually have been distressed by their party's venal nature, but at this time, breaking rules and laws to get what they want is the the Republican mantra. Don't expect any soul searching, much less legal consequences. Instead, we can expect a court that upends any settled law: Gay marriage? Right to use birth control? Interracial marriage? School desegregation? One person, one vote? Gone, gone, gone, gone, and gone. Who knows? Chattel slavery was legal at the time of the passing of the Constitution — will that become the next states' rights issue?

If Americans don't wake up and get it that your rights are under attack we may take decades of a very oppressive time to recover, if ever, from this assault. Get out, speak up, and stop this madness!

Nancy Braus

Putney, May 5