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White House needs disinfection - not just from COVID

Editor of the Reformer,

Trump tried hard to eliminate the COVID virus ... by not telling (in early February) all the medical staff and people, "that the dangerous virus was airborne and easily spread."

Ultimately causing more victims to die!

I think he may have thought he could get rid of the virus, by just letting the carriers/victims die out.

I personally still cannot believe how he got away with that!

Talk about a toxic RAT in the U.S. government!

Also, I'm questioning the claim that he ever had the virus. Why did he have his doctors sign a nondisclosure contract. What was he hiding?

I truly understand why a lot of people voted for Trump. He promised a better life for all. Many of my good friends voted for him.

But, because, as I have written before, I lived in NYC in the 70s and 80s, I knew all about him and his lies and lawsuits. And also his prejudices.

People, please carefully listen to all the truth that comes out of the White House after he is removed from office. And don't just listen to ONE news source.

And please, White House maintenance staff, disinfect the Oval Office before Biden moves in. A BIG rat lived in there!

I do believe Donald Trump will end up being labeled as the worst president in U.S. history.

Linda Brown

Springfield, Nov. 13


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