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To the editor: This week’s dialogue with viewers of the international Schiller Institute online heard Helga Zepp LaRouche, the group’s founder and chairwoman, issue an impassioned appeal to join with her in addressing the dangerous moral collapse which characterizes virtually every western government, including the United States. This collapse poses a threat to everyone! The crisis in Ukraine continues to build toward a war between Russia, the U.S. and NATO. The possibility of a Biden-Putin summit is a positive development, but as this was announced, his foreign policy team was voicing full support for the fanatical extremist wing of domestic forces in Ukraine. This pushes to cross the “red line” Moscow announced years ago, of placing NATO troops on the Russian border of Ukraine.

Also emphasized as urgent is lifting the so-called Caesar Sanctions against the people of Syria, an active appeal from Cardinal Zenari, Papal Nuncio, to end the sanctions. There is nothing “humanitarian” in starving children and shutting down hospitals, withholding medical care based on fraudulent narratives cooked up by U.K.-U.S. regime-change advocates. Though heart-wrenching, difficult to view, a documentary by World Food Program’s David Beasley shows that in Yemen, as in Syria, children are dying. Beasley said that they were dying in front of his eyes in the hospital where he could not do a thing about this, since there were no materials to change it.

Also scandalous is the vaccine-hoarding in so-called wealthy countries: amassed are more than 80 percent of the vaccines, whereas, Africa has gotten less than 0.02 percent of vaccinations! And variants, new strains, as emerging in the so-called “inferno” of Brazil, are much more infectious, much more aggressive, and affect more young people.

Will we insist that every policymaker answer for these actions, or their inaction? Who holds the Oprahs, Bezos, Gates, and Soroses to account, boasting of their trillions gained in 2020 – the pandemic year – knowing their mass of wealth is built on the corpses of so many millions of people?

Reader, will you act?

Cloret Carl Ferguson

Boston, April 14