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To the editor: The board of Putney Community Cares, Inc. would like to publicly express its deep gratitude to Senator Bernie Sanders for sharing the donations made in the name of “Bernie’s mittens.” No one could have predicted that the meme of Bernie sitting at the Inauguration with his mittened hands crossed in his lap would go viral across the entire world, much less that donations totaling $1.8 million would pour in to address hunger in Vermont. At Putney Community Cares, Inc, a small 501(3)c organization dedicated to serving the residents of Putney, we distribute thousands of Meals on Wheels each year (over 4,000 last year, including throughout the COVID pandemic), and we were surprised and deeply grateful to receive an allocation from the money Sen. Sanders raised.

In addition to distributing Meals on Wheels, Putney Community Cares helps residents sign up for health insurance, Medicaid, and Dr. Dynasaur through Vermont Health Connect, and also helps clients identify and access resources including Three Squares, subsidized and low-income housing, heating assistance, disability services and emergency funding. Senator Sanders’s generous contribution is enormously helpful, and we thank Sen. Sanders.

Maggie Cassidy, Secretary of the Board

Putney Community Cares, Inc.

Putney, April 28