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"You have good genes," he told a crowd Minnesota. "It was the most beautiful thing," he said of reporter Ali Velshi, who was shot by a rubber bullet while covering a peaceful protest. This is the "President of the United States" saying these things. Gloating over the injury of someone you view through an adversarial lens is one thing. But talking to a state with an 8 percent African American population and an overall minority population of just under 20 percent, I would say that is more of a statement that is trying to walk us towards a purer race. Perhaps Hitler 2.0.

I had this conversation with a supporter of the President Circus Peanut. That person told me that they had lost close friends and family because he was a Republican. I asked if these people were friends through both Bushes and Reagan; the answer was yes. So, let's eliminate the forever argued party lines, I suggested. I explained that when non-supporters look at Trump what we see is the beginning of a dystopian society. We see the second coming of fascist dictators names Benito and Adolf. We see a person that has given permission for racism and misogyny to walk freely on our streets while our children watch. We see someone that is a science denier in the middle of something that only science can fix. In fact, what we see is the death of a once great nation. I asked if he thought he could be friends with someone who filled their house with Nazi flags and quoted lines from Mein Kampf, because that is how you're viewed with your unfettered support of Trump.

As if this all wasn't messy enough, Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away! First let me say this, what a warrior! She will always be held in the highest regard as a true champion of the law. Even in her waning hours when she should have been focused on family, friends and those she spent a lifetime with, she was still advocating on behalf of the law and justice by dictating a statement: "My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed." No doubt the Trump-enabling Republican party will not honor those wishes and in fact have already made noise that they will name and begin the push after RBG is laid to rest. After all, he's planning on contesting the election, so he'll need that seat filled with someone he picked.

We literally have a petulant child with his hands on the levers and zero understanding of what those levers do. He continues to put his foot in his mouth over and over again. He tweets with reckless abandon. He has infused doubt around science into a nation. He's single handedly made America worse than it's ever been and it will take decades to return this country back to where it was four years ago. There is an old political question that is often asked during the campaign cycle: "Are you better off today then you were four years ago." Obviously, red voters will answer that largely one way and blue voters another, but as a nation that has been so largely divided by one man and 251 congressmen and senators that walk lock step with him.

The man completely lacks compassion. It's pathological in its construct, and near diabolical in its roll out. Issues don't matter. Logic, proof, science, don't matter. Evidence, policies, words don't matter. Stay on message and push a false narrative regardless of the consequences, it doesn't matter. Profit over people, party over people, it doesn't matter. Make no bones about it, the legacy of Trump will be hundreds of thousands of American citizens dead due to his mishandling of the virus, and guess what? It doesn't matter.

My political awareness started to wake up during Nixon. I wasn't old enough to vote, but I was old enough to recognize the strife he caused a nation. Jimmy Carter became the first president that I could admire; Ronald Reagan was the first president I didn't vote for. But regardless, all of them left the country in repairable shape. Trump will not. The Trump legacy lacks kindness and compassion. It lacks knowledge and information. But we can change all that by voting, and deep down, he knows that matters.

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