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Living in New England is a joy, but we gardeners do have some challenges: cold winter winds, deer, rocky soil and more. As we get ready for winter, one of the biggest challenges for many of us are the deer. They are hungry and relentless. In my part of the world, there was a crop failure for…

MONTPELIER — With high moose numbers in northeastern Vermont contributing to the abundance and negative impact of winter ticks, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department reported on the results of a successful, regulated 2022 moose hunting season.

SPRINGFIELD — The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is reporting that several important fall foods for wildlife are less abundant this year, following the bountiful 2021 fall season.

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is reminding hunters of a regulation designed to help keep Vermont deer healthy by banning the use of any deer lure containing deer urine or other deer bodily fluids.

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is asking hunters for help gathering biological data on the state’s deer population. Hunters who get a deer during the Nov. 12-27 regular deer season are asked to provide an incisor tooth from their deer. Tooth envelopes are available at …

The moon shone through the spruce spires, lighting up the pale grasses along the brook. My headlamp further illuminated a tiny beaver kit with a wee paddle tail who had clambered ashore across the brook from me. In the spotlight, he set to, putting his helter-skelter hairdo aright. Regular r…

BURLINGTON — Dr. Doug Tallamy, a University of Delaware professor and author, has been tapped to give the keynote address at the annual horticulture conference hosted by the University of Vermont Extension Master Gardener program on Dec. 3.

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