MONTPELIER — Vermont Fish and Wildlife is asking drivers to slow down and be cautious when travelling at night in early spring or to take alternate routes to avoid driving near ponds and wetlands where salamanders and frogs are crossing during their breeding season.

MONTPELIER — Vermont’s traditional trout fishing season opens Saturday, April 10, and despite lingering snow cover, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department says anglers can still have fun and be successful early in the season while following COVID-19 safety precautions.

RUTLAND — Migratory birds are return to Vermont this time of year to nest and raise their young. Peregrine falcons have already returned to their nesting cliffs and can be seen throughout the state. To protect nesting peregrine falcons on the Green Mountain National Forest, Forest Service of…

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department says warm spring weather and melting snows will cause bears to come out of their winter dens in search of food. The department recommends taking down bird feeders by April 1 to avoid attracting bears.

The few matchmaking initiatives I have been involved with in the past have been busts, so I’m not sure why I expected a different outcome for Pumpkin and BK. They were, even in beaver years, children — too young for an arranged marriage. Still, when Pumpkin’s sister died, and I knew that a y…

As you hit the trails this winter, take a close look at Vermont’s forests. Some trees are threatened by invasive forest insects, and in some places, you might be the only one to spot them!

NORTH BENNINGTON — Temperatures were in the single digits on Saturday, with wind chill hovering around negative 10 degrees. Great conditions for Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department to host its free ice fishing day.

Do you remember the classic children’s book, “What Good Luck! What Bad Luck!” by Remy Charlip? In the story, the fortunes of the protagonist, Ned, ricochet so rapidly it’s a wonder the lad emerged at the story’s end without whiplash. That is a bit how I am feeling after binging on the news d…

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