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BRATTLEBORO — To celebrate poetry’s being alive and well through this past year, three organizations — Write Action, Time to Write and the Brattleboro Literary Festival — are inviting submissions of poetry written during the past year. All levels are welcome.

Submit one or two poems written during this past year. Work submitted does not need to address the pandemic. Poems selected will be displayed in shop windows and other downtown venues for the month of April, “Poetry Month.” Each poem must be no more than one page, and within these guidelines: Each poem should be a separate file, a minimum of 14-point type and no more than one page in length (per poem). Borders should be set as 1.5” on top and bottom, 1” on the sides. Please use an easily readable font.

Each selected poem will be attractively printed on fine card stock.

Since poems will be on display for the general public, the organizers reserve the right to reject any poem they deem inappropriate. Submitters are reminded to put their names somewhere on their poems, making sure it is within the specified borders. Poems may have been previously published. There is no charge for submitting.

Send poems by March 25 to with Poems Around Town in the subject line.

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