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BRATTLEBORO — A Brattleboro dance space and performance art collective is hosting a stand-up comedy and storytelling workshop.

In the eight-week course by SoBo Studio, participants will hone the craft of creating a five-minute comedy set as well as a five-minute story. The class will culminate in a safe, outdoor show directed by teacher and comedian, Toni Nagy. In addition to developing one’s comedic and performance skills, partakers will also walk away with professional video footage of their comedy set and story for personal use or promotion.

The class begins Feb. 2. Online registration can be found at

Nagy, director and co-owner of SoBo Studio, has written, edited, directed and acted in over 100 sketch comedy videos that together have more than 2 million views on social media. In 2017, she won the “Best New Talent” award at the Broadway Comedy Club in New York City and again in April 2019.

“Society has been through a massive trauma over the past year with the pandemic, not to mention all the political and social unrest,” she said in a statement. “There are many ways in which we process our emotions, traumas, lives, and heartaches. For me, writing, comedy and storytelling are my medicine. It’s how I cope. I believe comedy to be an act of personal and social activism. Not only can laughter alleviate pain within the self, but also connect people who may otherwise feel polarized.”

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