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Churches across the U.S. are tackling the big question of how to address homelessness in their communities with a small solution: tiny homes. Congregations are building everything from fixed and fully contained micro homes to moveable cabins. Church leaders are not just trying to be more neighborly. The drive to provide shelter is rooted in their belief in the need to care for the vulnerable. One advocate sees tiny homes as a great emergency option, but says homeless people deserve standard-size abodes like everyone else. An expert says the tiny home movement is too small to fix the whole problem, but it can help some.

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Hundreds of homeless people die in the streets each year from the heat, in cities around the U.S. and the world. The ranks of homeless have swelled after the pandemic and temperatures fueled by climate change soar. Global warming is ramping up the dangers of being outside on hot days and not just in desert areas like Las Vegas or Phoenix. The Pacific Northwest was unprepared last summer when record heat killed scores of people, some of them homeless. Concerns have grown worldwide in places like Spain and India about longer, more frequent heat waves as cities take steps to protect vulnerable communities.

Jacob Barr, Groundworks Collaborative.