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BRATTLEBORO — Lucas Bates, who guided the Leland & Gray varsity girls soccer team to the state championship game for the first time in 30 years, was named the Southern Vermont League’s C Division Coach of the Year.

The Rebels finished up with a 15-3 mark after losing to Stowe in the finals. Abby Towle, who set a program record with 28 goals this season, is one of six area players named to an SVL First Team.

Leland & Gray’s Kate Petty, Ansley Henderson and Hannah Landers, Brattleboro’s Kiki McNary, and Twin Valley eighth-grader Reese Croutworst are also league All-Stars. Eleven other local booters were given Honorable Mention.

A Division First Team: Kiki McNary (Brattleboro), Camryn Kinsman (Rutland), Mackenzie McLaughlin (Rutland), Brianna Greene (Rutland), Kathryn Moore (Rutland), coach Lori McClallen (Rutland), Antonia Levitas (Burr and Burton), Rowan Russell (Burr and Burton), Willa Bryant (Burr and Burton), Daisy O’Keefe (Burr and Burton), Meghan Barilone (MAU), Aurora Neil (MAU), Lexi Gerow (MAU).

A Division Honorable Mention: Sophie Mikijaniec (Brattleboro), Sylvie Normandeau (Brattleboro), Willow Romo (Brattleboro), Fiona Kidder (Brattleboro), CC Allembert (Brattleboro), Maura Grazioso (Burr and Burton), Ada-Grace Perry (Burr and Burton), Elyse Altland (MAU), Tiffany Carey (MAU), Linnaia Connell (MAU), Isabel Crossman (Rutland), Bethany Solari (Rutland).

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C Division First Team: Abby Towle (Leland & Gray), Kate Petty (Leland & Gray), Ansley Henderson (Leland & Gray), Hannah Landers (Leland & Gray), coach Lucas Bates (Leland & Gray), Corina Mitchell (Bellows Falls), Savannah Sylvester-Neal (Bellows Falls), Malori Carlson (Mill River), Emily Bean (White River Valley), Amara Calhurn Flowers (White River Valley), Grace Tyrell (Green Mountain), Eva Svec (Green Mountain), Riley Paul (Green Mountain), Kim Cummings (Green Mountain), Eliott Rupp (Windsor), Holly Putnam (Windsor), Eliza Sullivan (Stratton), Kylie Taylor (Rivendell), Ryleigh Butler (Rivendell), Alex McFate (Rivendell).

C Division Honorable Mention: Ainsley Meyer (Leland & Gray), Makaila Morse (Leland & Gray), Abigail Emerson (Leland & Gray), McKenna Bingham (Bellows Falls), Abigail Broadley (Bellows Falls), Olivia MacLey (Windsor), Miah McAllister (Windsor), Audrey Rupp (Windsor), Julia Deppert (Mill River), Kyla Sheehe (Mill River), Ali Usher (Mill River), Sierra Bryant (Mill River), Berkley Hutchins (Green Mountain), Mackenzie Martin (Green Mountain), Maga Farrar (Green Mountain), Colleen Underhill (Rivendell), Nora Scheid (Stratton), Skylar Koeppe (Stratton), Wynter Simack (White River Valley), Jillian Barry (White River Valley), Ella Perreault (White River Valley), Ellie Prestridge (White River Valley), Harper Treandly (Rivendell), Lindsay O’Hearn (Rivendell).

D Division First Team: Reese Croutworst (Twin Valley), Sydney Herrington (Arlington), Sarah Tilley (Arlington), Phoebe Quackenbos (Sharon), Serena Coombs (West Rutland), Olivia Cyr (West Rutland), Anna Cyr (West Rutland), Peyton Guay (West Rutland), Emma Blodorn (MSJ), Tianna Gallipo (MSJ), Brooke Bishop (MSJ), Taylor Blodorn (MSJ), Maggie Mckearin (Proctor), Laci French (Proctor), Isabel Greb (Proctor), Jenna Davine (Proctor), Emma Palmer (Proctor), Hannah Webster (Poultney), Hannah Welch (Poultney), coach Hannah Corkum (Poultney).

D Division Honorable Mention: Alyssa Bird (Twin Valley), Molly Luikart (Long Trail), Brie Mackenzie (Long Trail), Denita Moore (Arlington), Denita Wilkins (Arlington), Maria O’Day (Arlington), Audrey Robinson (Arlington), Mary Gage Donohue (Sharon), Alix Livingston (Sharon), Hattie Byrne (Sharon), Ellie Tracy (MSJ), Sienna Diezel (MSJ), Brooklyn Kimball (Proctor), Angel Traverse (Proctor), Kait DeBonis (Poultney).