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BRATTLEBORO — Roughly 75 boys and girls competed in the 1963 Olympics Day events at Oak Grove School Playground. Crowell Playground struck gold with 87 points, with the hosts taking second with 83 points, and Fort Dummer in third with 10.5 points.

Donna Nelson paced the champs with victories in the accuracy throw, running broad jump, 60-yard dash, 5 jumps, and sack race. Bruce McCormick propelled Oak Grove with wins in the running broad jump, 50-yard dash, obstacle race, sack race, and ball throw, while Neil Black chipped in with firsts in the 25-yard dash and spoon/egg race.

Also winning events were: Ed Monmaney (plate throw), Neil Black (running broad jump), Cynthia Finnell and Janice Gouger (3-legged race), Cheryl Witalis (running broad jump), Cathy Elwell (50-yard dash), Drena Fairchild (obstacle race), Ruth Olson (ball throw), Neil Goodenough (sack race), Ed Nelson (5 jumps), Ruth Loiselle (obstacle race), Doug Rounds (obstacle race), Robert Trombley (60-yard dash), Larry Cheever (running broad jump), Michael Fairchild (accuracy throw), Ruth Olson and Cathy Elwell (3-legged sack race), Marty Rounds and Joe Loiselle (3-legged sack race), and Bobby Bedard (sack race).