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BRATTLEBORO — Imagine having Ken Jennings on your right and James Holzhauer to your left as the six categories are being revealed.

History. Even Numbers. Words Beginning With C. Nicknames. 7-Letter Words. Colleges & Universities.

To honor legendary host Alex Trebek, who died on Nov. 8, this is your opportunity to be regarded as the smartest person on the planet. With the quiz show’s popular theme song playing in the background, here we go...


She scored 1,801 points during her high school basketball career and also helped her school win three state soccer titles.

A. Kari Greenbaum, B. Skylar Bonnette, C. Corey Rusin, D. Jayne Barber

Words Beginning With The Letter C

Bellows Falls varsity field hockey coach Bethany Coursen jokingly said in 2018 that this was her powerhouse team’s biggest weakness.

A. Cardio, B. Calculus, C. Chemistry, D. Chocolate

Even Numbers

The 2016 Brattleboro Union High School varsity girls basketball team was Vermont’s first ever to reach a Final Four with this seed.

A. 10, B. 12, C. 14, D. 16


Bellows Falls graduate Halle Dickerson was known as this on the basketball court.

A. Six Shooter, B. 50 Cent, C. 007, D. Agent Zero

7-Letter Words

Brattleboro’s Chris Frost had 18 of these during the 2019 Division 2 state championship football game.

A. Tackles, B. Carries, C. Catches, D. Hurries

Colleges & Universities

Leland & Gray standout Ashley Goddard scored 673 points and pulled down 588 rebounds for this Vermont school’s basketball team.

A. Johnson, B. Castleton, C. Lyndon, D. Norwich

Daily Double

On Nov. 16, 1992, M’s Dora Dee and Copper Cat won these two races at Hinsdale Greyhound Park, making up the 7-8 daily double that paid $215.

Final Jeopardy!

2020 Fred Harris Memorial Ski Jumping champion Blaz Pavlic is from this country.

Answers: History — Corey Rusin, Words Beginning With The Letter C — Chocolate, Even Numbers — 14, Nicknames — Agent Zero, 7-Letter Words — Carries, Colleges & Universities — Johnson, Daily Double — first and second, Final Jeopardy! — Slovenia.

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