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BRATTLEBORO — Charlotte Gifford was thankful for the food in her fridge.

“Ran my Turkey Trot this afternoon, well fueled with a leftovers sandwich of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce,” she posted on the Red Clover Rovers Facebook page on Nov. 28.

The Putney resident placed eighth overall in the virtual road race, which had runners tackling a three-mile course of their choosing from Nov. 21-29 and then emailing their finishing time to Bob Aube.

“Jack (May) and I had fun running the Turkey Trot this morning,” Melissa Stewart wrote on the RCR page on Thanksgiving.

Jennifer and Addie Smith tried out their new running shoes on Upper Dummerston Road during one of the 10 Fun Runs over the summer. Molly Storm often did gymnastics moves after completing her races and Jacqueline Ferencz always had her dog Troy running alongside her.

Hailey Richards, Tammy Richards, Chuck Adams, Brian Lashway, Jack May, Scott Hamm, David Wicker, Fred Ross III and Stewart were all multiple winners in the bi-weekly series.

“Made it out for the last Fun Run!” Tammy Richards posted on Sept. 4. “Was a bit sunny out there this morning.”

The Williamsville resident, who swept all four races that week, also won the Run for Recovery 5k and the Jerry Gagliardi Turkey Trot. May prevailed in the annual Bill Powers Memorial Firecracker 4-Miler.

“Though the Tuesday tracksters have been conscientious about spacing themselves apart by start line and lane, it is time to cancel our weekly workouts till further notice,” is what fitness trainer Hank Lange emailed to his BUHS track pack on Nov. 13.

His Tuesday morning crew, which includes the likes of two-time Nordic skiing state champion Halie Lange and former Girls on the Run Executive Director Nancy Heydinger, had gotten together in October to do a fun, handicapped 5K. Vernon’s Donna Smyth and Ross III ran the Green River Half Marathon course that month.

“I had a fabulous run. Met all of my training goals and had fun,” noted Smyth.

Brattleboro’s 2020 road race results are shown below.

Firecracker 4-Miler’s Top 101. Jack May 27:35; 2. Jason Guerino 27:41; 3. Blaise Buchowski 28:38; 4. Scott Hamm 32:05; 5. Charlotte Gifford 33:04; 6. Melissa Stewart 33:09; 7. Jennifer Smith 33:39; 8. Jenny Rowe 34:21; 9. Robert Buckley 37:02; 10. Tony Blofson 37:47.

Run for Recovery 5k’s Top 101. Tammy Richards 18:40, 2. Halie Lange 20:22, 3. John Furgele 20:50, 4. Adriene Katz 21:37, 5. Tony Blofson 23:27, 6. Maxine Stent 23:45, 7. Elizabeth Bianchi 23:58, 8. Juicy Pumpkin 24:10, 9. Luke Harrison 24:53, 10. Cindy Hampton 25:02.

3-Mile Turkey Trot’s Top 10

1. Tammy Richards 18:24, 2. Jack May 20:14, 3. Rory Lincoln 21:20, 4. Viki Bok 21:54, 5. Melissa Stewart 22:43, 6. Eric Cummings 23:03, 7. Rick Canavan 23:14, 8. Charlotte Gifford 23:21, 9. Michael Ferreira 23:56, 10. Jennifer Smith 24:48.

Fun Run winners

Week 1: Hailey Richards, 1 mile, 9:00; Chuck Adams, 2 miles, 17:27; Jack May, 3 miles, 20:23; Melissa Stewart, 2.4-mile trail run, 22:05.

Week 2: Hailey Richards, 1 mile, 8:32; Chuck Adams, 2 miles, 16:08; Brian Lashway, 3 miles, 17:37; Jack May, 2.4-mile trail run, 18:14.

Week 3: Chuck Adams, 1 mile, 7:55; Brian Lashway, 2 miles, 11:32; Jack May, 3 miles, 20:45; Tammy Richards, 2.4-mile trail run, 16:59.

Week 4: Brian Lashway, 1 mile, 6:03; Scott Hamm, 2 miles, 16:19; Brian Lashway, 3 miles, 17:57; Scott Hamm, 2.4-mile trail run, 21:58.

Week 5: Jenny Rowe, 1 mile, 7:45; Chuck Adams, 2 miles, 16:08; Jack May, 3 miles, 21:07; Fred Ross III, 2.4-mile trail run, 21:46.

Week 6: Melissa Stewart, 1 mile, 7:28; Tony Blofson, 2 miles, 15:18; Jack May, 3 miles, 20:49; Scott Hamm, 2.4-mile trail run, 20:31.

Week 7: Fred Ross III, 1 mile, 8:53; Scott Hamm, 2 miles, 17:26; Jennifer Smith, 3 miles, 23:45; David Wicker, 2.4-mile trail run, 16:16.

Week 8: Fred Ross III, 1 mile, 10:17; Scott Hamm, 2 miles, 16:36; Jack May, 3 miles, 21:10; Jonas Ackerman-Hovis, 2.4-mile trail run, 19:36.

Week 9: Melissa Stewart, 1 mile, 7:20; Melissa Stewart, 2 miles, 15:40; Jack May, 3 miles, 19:29; David Wicker, 2.4-mile trail run, 18:10.

Week 10: Tammy Richards, 1 mile, 5:42; Tammy Richards, 2 miles, 11:54; Tammy Richards, 3 miles, 18:08; Tammy Richards, 2.4-mile trail run, 17:37.

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